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CIPC Incorporation service providers.
“Compliance made easy”

The Business Clinic

Center for entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation where great minds work, learn, make & connect.


KureKube™ uses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to kill off the COVID-19 virus on articles that are placed in the chamber. 

Indlovu Health & Safety

Registered and Accredited occupational Health and Safety Practictioner

Amandla Training & Development

Skills development facilitation. BBBEE Level 1 Company 


The CBAS Difference

C BAS is not only a business incubator, but also the gateway into the CGES | Group Ecosystem Services through sustainable partnerships curated for each opportunity.
Combined with industry experience in mergers & acquisitions, venture capital and incubation –
C BAS is ready to activate any business’s untapped potential.

CBAS | Business Activation Services

About CBAS

CBAS | Business Activation Services strives to identify, develop and expose entrepreneurs and startups to accelerate growth and find a sustainable market to thrive in.
CBAS offers businesses the opportunity to enter the CGES ecosystem through various partnership structures. Our philosophy of enabling entrepreneurs within a greater ecosystem with the necessary support structures is based on exponential learning and immediate market access.
CBAS | Business Activation Services specialize in acquisition and integration management through unique investment vehicles run by industry experts with over 50 years of combined experience.
The CBAS team has spent significant time building and scaling startups on a global scale, graduated from various incubation and acceleration programs and have extensive experience in fundraising from high net worth individuals (HNI’s), venture capitalists & institutional funders.

Core philosophy 

expansion through reputable partnerships

Primary focus

Mergers & Acquisitions

Integration management




Institutionally backed


Combined 50+ Years of Entrepreneurship


About Us

A Proud Business Unit of CGES| Group Ecosystem Services

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